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National Adult Literacy Association (NALA) Ireland
This site is a must for Irish trainers dealing with Adult literacy. It gives an overview of trends in Adult Education in Ireland, and programmes available. The site features a letter from President Mc Aleese, and an analysis of the Government's Green Paper on Adult Literacy. : Links to FAS, ARKS and NALD, amongst others (some links don't work very well - for example, ARKS offers a download of sample teaching, using Acrobat Reader, but this takes ages.)

Adult Literacy Resource Institute
This site gives a list of areas of interest to the adult educator. Finding information involves scrolling through headings and choosing pertinent sites. There is a brief overview of each site. It takes time clicking on each address, but it's worth the effort. A good search engine would be helpful on this site! Links: several, all to related content sites.

A peer-reviewed electronic journal for adult literacy teacher
The site provides practical, research-based articles on new ideas in the field of adult education. It also provides lesson plans and an interactive forum for adult literacy. Links: a few, to related sites.

Literacy Learning and ICT
This site discusses the integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with literacy and learning. There are several discussion papers on development and use of ICT in the classroom. While not specifically geared towards adult literacy, the site is general enough to be of benefit to the trainer. Links: to easily accessed sites, which cover a wide range of relevant information.

BBC Online offers poems and lesson plans for Literacy Hour on the BBC. Click on Education to go to sites for help downloading software, and a detailed guide to activities. This is a very comprehensive site, and contains good ideas. Links: varied and fairly helpful.

Online Writing Lab
This site at Purdue University has useful resources for literacy classes. There are easy-to-access instructional handouts. The site is full of useful information, and tips. Links: to other relevant sites.

Digital Education Network
This site provides a list of hosted web sites from clients that provide information on their services. Links: Plenty of links. You can find a useful link from English Practice Pages to IELTS sample pages, which gives tests to assess English Language ability.

BBC Education FE Programmes
Contains an overview of BBC programmes that deal with adult literacy. While videos have to be purchased, the outline of the videos gives information and guidelines that an adult educator could use.

Virtual Quincy Directory
This site is mine of information. It covers basic writing skills, (click Indispensable Writing Skills) Common Errors, Grammar and many more key topics for literacy skills. Links: numerous links to related topics.

Ohio Literacy Resource Centre
This site gives background information on literacy studies, with facts and statistics, links and directories. The heading SHOWCASE leads to a list of topics including OLRC Workshops. These include a PowerPoint presentation on how to find and use online lesson plans. Links: there is a helpful drop-down Quick Links menu. There is a listing of URLs of other sites with brief reviews of these sites.


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