Strategic Management in HRD

Example of a job competency profile template


Job title Learning Consultant/Trainer
Reporting to  
Job purpose Design and deliver practical learning solutions to client groups and individuals in order to meet clients' needs and benefit ourselves/organisation.

Key result areas % of time spent
1. Design, planning and development
  • In partnership with the client and sales consultant/account manager design learning solutions to meet their needs
  • Creatively, using specialist knowledge, design and develop innovative learning (if appropriate) solutions/identify possible areas for product development
  • Design learning programmes for inclusion in proposals and tenders
2. Deliver and evaluate
  • Deliver learning in a way that most effectively facilitates learning to meet clients' needs
  • Delivery to standards of quantity and quality expected by the organisation and client
  • Evaluate effectiveness and validate learning (if appropriate for the client)
3. Development of client relationships
  • Monitor, anticipate and respond to customer requirements
  • Build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships
  • Respond to enquiries for new business with flexibility and initiative
4. Management of people and resources
  • Build, maintain and sustain effective internal relationships with administrator and support staff throughout the team.
  • Ensure clear communication with sales team prior to and throughout contract
  • Effective use of IT for the benefit of the client, management of the contract and organisation
  • Financial - together with sales/account manager ensure contracts are financially viable and correct expenses are charged
  • Responsible for controlling and efficient administration of chargeable and non-chargeable expenses.
5. Campaigning and influencing
  • Appreciate and act on the organisations campaigns and values
  • Seek to translate campaigning messages and values where appropriate into practical solutions for benefit of the client
6.Intellecutal capital
  • Continually develop own learning in specialist areas to enable leading edge delivery
  • Apply own knowledge and learning to development of new products and methods according to clients' and organisation's needs
  • Contribute to continuous learning for self, colleagues and the organisation.
  • Feedback into 'future focus' and 'policy' work knowledge and understanding of issues and practice gained through client relationships.


Competencies (Specific to the organisation or individual)

Competency 1
Competency 2
Competency 3
Competency 4
Competency 5
Competency 6


Levels of performance

Levels of performance for new recruit
Estimated time when this could be achieved: Day 1 to 6 months
  • Able to work in conjunction with other consultants to design tailored learning and development solutions for clients and design straight forward learning programmes to clearly defined needs
  • Able to evaluate delivery and validate programmes using organisational standard evaluation tools
  • Deliver Course & Conference and in-house work in conjunction with other consultants. To agreed delivery standards
  • Is able to establish personal credibility in order to maintain existing client relationships and establish new ones.
  • Build relationship with administrator, and consistently adhere to organisational standards
  • Use IT appropriately and develop skills to work with remote access for e-mail/info systems
  • Knowledge of the organisations business, systems, other departments, role and responsibilities and support mechanisms.
  • Recognise and act on own development needs and share personal knowledge and skills to the benefit of immediate team.
  • Knowledge of the organisation, campaigning, visions, values and rules

Levels of performance at established level (trained and competent in the role)
Estimated time when this could be achieved: 2 years
  • Design tailored learning and development solutions for clients and business development consultants. Constantly applies new learning, theories, concepts, models and examples to in house work and development interventions.
  • Able to design, implement and analyse different types of validation and evaluation forms/documentation. In conjunction with the client the effectiveness of the learning and identify future opportunities.
  • Able to establish the value of the intervention to the client and measure the outcomes.
  • Able to deliver range of in house programmes on own to the standard with an agreed level of repeat business.
  • In conjunction with sales/business development colleagues begin to develop own client base and introduce colleagues to own clients.
  • Actively shares new knowledge and learning and builds upon feedback received from colleagues and clients
  • Ability to monitor and take action to maintain the financial viability of contracts
  • Encourages and participates in critical reflection

Levels of performance at role model level
Estimated time when this could be achieved: 5 years plus
  • From in depth knowledge of a number of subject areas design and develop portfolio of new material and programmes for clients.
  • In response to client needs design and develop consultancy solutions other than learning programmes
  • Deliver to standard, and coach and mentor others in design and delivery of IHW programmes, sessions and methods
  • achieve agreed level of repeat business and agreed level of new clients. Work with business consultants to develop work areas and become involved in tenders
  • be part of best practice initiatives within the organisation and bring knowledge from clients - develop ways of integrating it
  • Input to the development of other organisations products - ie books, videos etc
  • Recognised authority in one or more areas and speak at conferences/write for publications/able to communicate with the media in a professional manner
  • Lead a community of interest



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